Unlock the power of astrological attraction

Belovy uses your birth date to find astrologically based matches and suggests the type of relationship you might have with them.

Find your type of attraction

Our system based on astrological attraction is designed to help you find the type of attraction you desire. You will never be overwhelmed by hundreds of unnecessary matches.

Say goodbye to unnecessary matches for good!

Our algorithm accurately calculates astrological attraction, replacing superficial swipes with a more personalized and meaningful dating experience.

Out of curiosity, social gathering, casual or something more serious… Download the Belovy application now!

“It’s so simple!”
“This dating app has been a game changer! All it needs is my date of birth, and it takes care of the rest. It is user friendly and eliminating the need for flashy profiles. I’m so glad I tried it!”
“I don’t believe in astrology”
“I never believed in astrology, but this dating app has introduced me to some really cool girls. Who knew?”
Match making that works
“I was losing faith in finding love, but Belovy dating app changed everything. Finally connected with amazing girls.”
How does Belovy work?
After a detailed analysis of the love lives of famous couples, Belovy is the first dating app that calculates, with great accuracy, the birth dates between which there is astrological attraction and suggests the type of relationship they could have with that person. We have developed an algorithm that compares millions of date combinations to identify those that align with the successful couples in our study.

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